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Testimonials: Teaching

Providing high quality, engaging tuition for all ages and levels of ability is a top priority for Samuel. Here are a few words kindly sent in from parents of students and adult learners, sharing their lesson experiences.

“Sam has been my clarinet teacher from absolute beginner to post-grade 8, five years later!  He has prepared me for, and accompanied, five ABRSM exams and has always given me clear guidance on both technical and musical points, tailored to my level. He is a great teacher; very enthusiastic and always making lessons enjoyable and engaging. I particularly like that he has a vast library of music on his iPad, from which I can choose pieces and excerpts to sight read each week." - Jess (Y13)

“My son had been taking regular lessons with a teacher whose teaching style began to impact on his confidence and we knew that we either had to find a new teacher or the cello lessons would stop.  To stop lessons would have been such a shame after so many years of working through ABRSM grades. We knew of Sam through his involvement in the local music community and decided to get in touch.  This was to be the single best decision we made.  Sam was organised, enthusiastic, patient and engaged with my son at the right level for his age and cello playing experience.  His positive attitude was infectious and my son began to enjoy playing his cello again and looked forward to his lessons.  We are so grateful to Sam and wholeheartedly recommend him.” - Catherine, Graham & Matthew (Y13)

"Sam has a great gift for instilling a real love of music in his students.  The sheer variety of repertoire that he gives them has developed a real sense of curiosity in my 10-yr-old daughter and a fearless approach to sight-reading and position work in particular.  Every new challenge is presented in the spirit of a shared journey of discovery.  Sam integrates theory seamlessly into each lesson and is very adept at using technology to its full potential to make this really fun and engaging.  More than anything, Sam's commitment to, and passion for music is infectious and brings a real sense of joy to his lessons." Ruth (parent)


“We really look forward to our music lessons with Sam because he finds interesting and unique ways to teach us about all the different aspects of music. It's always fun and we always end up having a giggle. He also lets us choose the music we want to learn which is so much more interesting than just following a book.” - Harry (Y7) and Joseph (Y5)

“Sam teaches Suzanne (11) the cello and Stephen (45!) beginner piano. He is an engaging and creative teacher. Sam regularly introduces new pieces from different genres into lessons, an approach which makes sight reaching a natural thing rather than a chore, and keeps up interest and challenge levels. At the core of his approach is that music is a wonderful and joyful thing, and that you should follow your instincts and interests when playing.” - The Finer family


“Sam's enthusiasm for music is infectious.  He makes his lessons fun and relevant, and balances theory with classical music, and adds in something personal for his pupil to make the lesson rounded.  My daughter looks forward to her lesson each week.” - Sarah (parent)


“Sam has been my son's clarinet teacher for just over a year and has taken him through to grade 2 level; initially during school hours and now via a virtual link online through Musictutors. He took to the clarinet quite quickly under Sam's tuition and is now confident enough to join the school orchestra. My son was disappointed when school closed during lockdown and he wasn't able to continue with his clarinet lessons so having the option to learn online is really appreciated. Sam is friendly, patient and very professional; and also an excellent communicator with parents.” - Natasha (parent)


“I was a complete beginner on the Cello when I started with Sam but within a couple of years reached what then seemed an impossible goal – to be confident and capable enough to play socially in an all comers orchestra. Sam has a wonderfully flexible teaching style which allows my son and I to both study for and complete exams while also exploring other areas of music that interest us. I feel very lucky to find a teacher equally at home with teaching adults and children.” - Rachel (adult learner)

“Dan ( and I ) are really enjoying your lessons. Being a background part of the sessions has been a brilliant step forward for me as a parent, being very aware of what you are teaching has meant much more meaningful practice as a shared experience. We love your dynamic approach in the lessons, your teaching style is highly engaging, fun and focussed. All time is used effectively with what feels like a huge amount of ground covered.”

Fred, Keith & Dan (Y8)

“Sam is an outstanding energetic musician & performer who never lacks professionalism, knowledge and passion for teaching and performing music within orchestras and as a soloist. We know him more for his significant talents as a Cellist, but he is multitalented being able to peform & teach a diverse range of instruments. Sam is a pleasure to work with, he is always calm and no challenge is too great for Sam!” - Victoria (parent)

“Sam communicates really well with me as a parent, he sent lots of detailed info to help prepare for my son's exam and keeps in touch regularly by email. He's shared his enthusiasm for music by encouraging us to go to concerts and showing inspirational (and amusing) video clips.”  - Fiona (parent)

“Sam has been an inspirational and fun cello teacher for my son.  He has introduced a range of musical styles and supports the performing aspect of playing music by encouraging his pupils to learn a bit about the history of various composers.  He applies the right level of encouragement to keep his pupils moving forward.  I have already recommended Sam to several friends, and would do so again!” - Coralie (parent)

“You are the most responsive music instruments teacher I ever met!” - Claudia (parent)


“I've enjoyed learning with Sam this year and the effort he puts into teaching me is brilliant. It is easy to learn with such an amazing teacher.” - Maisie (Y3)

“Lucy really enjoyed her online lesson. She soon got used to need to take turns when speaking, and even with our slightly temperamental Wi-Fi, it worked really well. You talked her through exactly what you wanted her to do really clearly and very soon it didn't feel very different from a normal lesson.” - Ruth (parent)


“Matthew really enjoyed his online lesson. I was amazed how well it worked, and with the way you were still able to point out features in the music and demonstrate detailed aspects of technique to the camera. He got a lot from the lesson and is keen to do it again!” - Jo (parent)

“I really enjoy my online clarinet lessons. I feel like it breaks up my school day and gives me something to look forward to. I think if I wasn’t doing online music lessons my clarinet skills wouldn’t be improving and I wouldn’t be learning new things to help me excel in my musical skills.  I played the clarinet, along with some other residents on an accordion and violin for the NHS clap/support evening in our street, and I believe that my clarinet online lessons helped me enormously to learn a new piece of music each week. Online music lessons give people a chance to talk to someone else other than the people in their household and Sam makes them fun and interesting. I’m really glad I participate in it because it’s so good to have something different to do within your day.” - Jodi (Y10)

“Sam is fun and lively and he always goes the extra mile for me.” - Rory (Y5)

“Sam Warner is a good teacher who is very enthusiastic and always has constructive feedback to give me. I thought that it was great that he was able to accompany me in my exam.” - Annie (Y9)

“My daughter enjoys her cello lessons and finds Sam inspirational, he is a very committed teacher and offers the students lots of support.” - Zoe (parent)

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